There are times that you may choose a Medicare advantage plan that is not ideal for you. You may then consider switching the plan and purchasing a new one that will be more beneficial to you.

There are various reasons as to why you may find it necessary to change your advantage plan. First, you may decide to switch due to pricing. If the plan that you have is very expensive and you cannot afford the premiums, one may consider switching it so as to avoid policy cancellation. You can switch to select a plan most affordable to you. You may also decide to switch when you realize that you are spending money paying for benefits that you rarely use.  You may then opt to switch and go for the plan that has the most relevant benefits as per your needs and health.

One may also decide to switch plans if they want to acquire some additional benefits. If you selected a plan initially that is not adequately covering your needs, you may opt to switch to a more comprehensive plan. You can switch if you are also not contented with your insurance service provider. This may be due to them charging higher premiums or having poor service delivery.

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There are also guaranteed issue rights that may necessitate you to change your plan. This is if the insurance company committed fraud, if the company gave you misleading information that made you purchase a plan that is not suitable or if the insurance company is becoming insolvent or bankrupt.

You can switch your Medicare advantage plan for a better one if you are within the six month Open Enrollment period or you have the guaranteed issue rights. If you do not have the two, you may be required to provide medical information and answer some medical questions to switch. You may even end up paying more money for the policy that you have changed to. You however do not have the right to switch policies and it can only be possible for you to switch if the insurance service company is willing to sell you a new policy or if there are no restrictions in your state about switching.

Medicare also provides a 30 day free-look period. This is where you can change your plan within the first thirty days if you are not satisfied with its offerings.