Like other Medigap plans, Medicare supplement N is readily available in most states. It caters for the extra expenses that are left by the original Medicare cover. To be eligible to enroll for the Medicare supplement plan N, you should have an original Medicare cover and meet the other eligibility requirements for the Medicare supplement covers. This plan is sold by various insurance provider companies. You can purchase it form any provider since the benefits are standardized. All insurance companies offer the same benefits in the plan. The process however may vary which may necessitate you to select a provider who offers the most affordable premiums.

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Medicare supplement plan N offers a number of benefits. It covers for the Medicare Part A deductible, Medicare Part A hospice care coinsurance and copayments, the first three pints of blood you receive from a medical procedure in one year and skilled nursing facility care coinsurance. It also covers for Medicare part A coinsurance in hospital expenses for an additional one year after you have depleted your Medicare benefits. It covers for 80% of foreign emergency medical travel costs up to plan limits. The plan also caters for Medicare Part B copayments and coinsurance. This however is exclusive of a copayment of $20 for office visits and a copayment of $50 for emergency room visits that will not lead to inpatient admission.

As much as this plan is comprehensive, there are some expenses that it does not cover. This includes Medicare Part B deductible and Medicare Part B excess charges. If you hence have this plan and you opt to see a doctor or visit a hospital that charges above Medicare approved amounts, you will pay for the extra charges on your own. With this plan, you will be required to pay a copayment of $20 for office visits and a copayment of $50 for emergency visits that will not lead into inpatient admission.

When choosing this plan, you should ensure that you evaluate various factors like affordability, coverage and availability. Some states do not offer the plan so you should ensure that you enquire on the same before purchasing. If you want to enroll into this plan, it is most advisable to enroll during the Open Enrollment period. This is a period of the first six months after attaining the age of 65. This will allow you a period where you can switch the plan if it is not suitable for you.